1. First, we email you the SaveThatCall phone number and a unique personal identification number (PIN).
  2. You will dial into SaveThatCall and enter your PIN.
  3. Following the voice menus, you'll direct SaveThatCall to dial your voicemail, dial another person, etc.
  4. When the second party (or your voicemail) answers, SaveThatCall begins recording the call...
  5. When you end the call by hanging up, SaveThatCall will process the recording and email you a link to your download page.
  6. From the download page, you can pay for and download the recorded call!
  • Recordings made through SaveThatCall are available for purchase for 14 days.
  • Purchased recordings are available for 2 years before being permanently erased from the SaveThatCall servers.
  • Each recording may be downloaded or emailed for permanent safekeeping an unlimited number of times during this period.
  • You may choose to erase individual recordings from SaveThatCall at any time. This process is secure and permanent.
  • SaveThatCall takes privacy seriously. Your information will never be shared.
  • All recordings are stored securely on a hardened SaveThatCall server. Each recording is held for 2 years . SaveThatCall makes it easy for you to download your recordings to your own computer for permanent safekeeping.
  • SaveThatCall uses a fully automated audio processing system; periodic quality-control inspections are performed using graphical waveform and spectrogram tools.
  • Cryptographically secure identifiers authenticate access to your recordings. Links are sent directly to your email account, so only you have access to your recordings. You have the option to permanently erase your recordings at any time.
  • All access to SaveThatCall is secured with SSL/TLS (HTTPS). Payment card details are never stored on SaveThatCall servers.
  • After you have downloaded or emailed your recordings, you may wish to permanently remove them from SaveThatCall. You may choose to securely erase individual recordings from SaveThatCall at any time.
  • By using SaveThatCall, customers agree to adhere to all applicable telephone recordings laws. These laws vary by country and state. Although SaveThatCall cannot warrant the accuracy of this information, one US-specific state-by-state list of laws can be found here:
  • SaveThatCall should only be used to download your personal voicemail or to legally record conversations in which all parties are aware of, and consent to being recorded. Even if authorized by law in your jurisdiction, SaveThatCall should not be used for secret or surreptitious recording!
The price of each recording is based on its length and is calculated as follows: $1.99 for recordings up to 10 minutes, and $1 per 10-minute increment thereafter. Recording times are rounded up to the nearest whole 10-minute increment.
5 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes
Price 1.99 1.99 2.99 3.99

Refund Policy

  • If you are unhappy with your SaveThatCall purchase for any reason, please Contact Us for an immediate refund.
  • To download your iPhone's voicemail messages, you'll access your iPhone voicemail system "remotely" (via the carrier's dial-in voicemail system) with SaveThatCall rather than using the visual voicemail functionality.
  • You'll need to have your voicemail access password. (Most likely a 4-digit code you were asked to set when you established cell service).
  • Note that some carriers remove voicemail messages from the remote system after 2-4 weeks. This varies by carrier. The messages can still be backed up, but you must use software that copies them from the phone rather than the voicemail system. Look here for more information: Back up Voice Mail on an iPhone .

Dial from your iPhone or from a different phone

  • If you want to use SaveThatCall from your iPhone, use SaveThatCall Option 1. Note: just tap "ignore" when SaveThatCall calls you back -- it will forward the call directly to voicemail.
  • If you want to save your iPhone's voicemail from another phone, use SaveThatCall Option 2 and enter your iPhone phone number.
Please Note: You might have to interrupt your greeting to enter your voicemail password.
AT&T and Sprint customers:
Press the * key when your greeting starts
Verizon customers:
Press the # key when your greeting starts
  1. When your voicemail system answers, SaveThatCall begins silently recording the call. After you enter your voicemail password, you may play back the voicemails you want recorded and then hang up.
  2. When you hang up, SaveThatCall will stop recording. Within a minute or two, SaveThatCall's automated audio engine will finish processing your recording and will notify you via email.


Use SaveThatCall within 60 seconds!

  • SaveThatCall needs an email address to send you personal information.
  • You will immediately receive a unique PIN and usage instructions, including the SaveThatCall phone number.